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NEW PROCESS for Special Orders

For Friday June 12th & Saturday June 13th

We are entering into a new phase at Hearthstone as we transform from a Special Orders Only system to mixing both the Special Orders and regular walk-in sales for folks who haven’t pre-ordered.

To that end, we would love to get YOUR orders in so that the main items you want will be put aside for you for whenever you do drop into the shop.

So let’s just jump on the main items we really need to have prepared and bagged ahead of time: the Bread and Sausage Rolls.

The bread lineup for FRIDAY the 12th will be:
Hearthstone’s Classic Sourdough – $5.50
Seeded Sourdough – $6.25
– We will need these loaves ordered by Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. so we can get the starter going in time for Friday sales

Sorry for the short notice! We will make sure to have extra loaves out this day to make up for this.
7-Grain panned – $5.95
Peasant White panned – $5.50

Cheddar panned – $6.25
Cheddar & Jalapeno panned – $6.25
Berlin 90% Rye (600g or 1200g loaves) – $5.50 or $8.95
– These loaves need to be ordered by Wednesday 5 p.m.

The bread lineup for SATURDAY the 13th will be:
Hearthstone’s Classic Sourdough – $5.50
Cranberry Walnut Sourdough – $6.25
– We will need these loaves ordered by Wednesday at 5 p.m. so we can get the starter going in time for Saturday sales.

7-Grain panned – $5.95
Peasant White panned – $5.50
Cheddar panned – $6.25
Cheddar & Jalapeno panned – $6.25
Baguettes – $3.95

– These loaves must be ordered by Thursday at 5 p.m.

We will have bread available on the bread shelves but there is a possibility that we will run out before your arrival.


Your usual selection of Sausage Rolls (6 for $22) in any combination of:
Beef & Pork
Turkey & Chicken
Curry Veg (low numbers available)

Note that the Curry Veg roll is running low so we may not have enough for both days or for pre-orders and walk-ins. We are working on replenishing these next week.
If you want Curry Veg rolls, please pre-order ASAP but even then you may want to add an alternative (Beef or Turkey) in the event we run out.

Pre-order by Wed at 5 p.m. for Friday pick up
and Thur 5 p.m. for Saturday pick up.


We will have available on the counter and in the display case several pastries and treats (various prices) that people have asked for and missed. These will include:

  • Croissants
  • Ham & Swiss croissants
  • Danishes
  • Fudge Brownies
  • Scones
  • Cookies
  • Cake slices
  • Cupcakes
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Lemon bars
  • and more…

Please see what is available when you arrive. And remember that this is weekend #1 so numbers available may not be ideal as some things need to be made anew.

IF all goes well, we’ll expand to Thursday, Friday and Saturday for next week and pretty soon we will be back to our usual schedule! And the world may look a bit more “normal” by then.


As before:

Send an email to
Subject: “Pre-orders June 12” (or) “June 13”
Email Body:
Your name
Your Phone Number
Confirm what DAY You Want to Pick Up.

Bread: Add your desired bread(s) and quantities
Please double-check the order deadline times for your desired pickup day.
Are you in the Bread Club? Let us know so we can track where you are on the way to your free loaf.

Sausage Rolls: Add the desired sausage rolls flavours and quantity (6 for $22).
If including Curry Veg rolls, you may want to select an alternative if we run out.
WE WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE in the even the Curry rolls all sell out during Pre-Order.

NOTE: We will NOT be sending out specific pick-up times, only order receipt confirmations as we are merging personal pick up times with walk-in service. We are open from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and you can pick up your order at any point in that time range.

What’s in the future?

If this weekend works well, we will expand our open days and possibly hours until we are back to our regular store schedule.

We will move away from the Special Orders system, although still encouraging people to use if for larger bread orders (3+ of any one type) so that we both have the bread they need and don’t wipe out the available loaves for people coming after them.

It’s a work in progress and, like much over the last few months, it’s learning as we go.

And finally, for this week, I personally want to thank all our amazing customers – that’s YOU! – who have helped us maneuver through the past couple of difficult months with their support and belief in what we produce. It would have been much more difficult to get through to this side of the quarantine without you and your support.

Thank you all, you are truly appreciated

From Paul and the staff of
Hearthstone Artisan Bakery