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Pickup Orders for May 23rd, 2020

Wow, May is just flying by! Almost June, almost summer. Hope everyone has been surviving the quarantine okay for these last two months!

We are offering our popular “Wednesday” flavour of sourdough this weekend: Kalamata olive tapenade! OK, typically this loaf is just referred to as “olive sourdough” but the full name describes it a bit better. And here is an even more complete description:

This is our house sourdough with the addition of a tasty tapenade, a mix of sliced Kalamata olives, rosemary, green onion, roasted garlic, and a dash of lemon zest and black pepper. If you hadn’t tried it yet, take this opportunity to give it a go! It really is extra tasty and goes well with savoury dishes!

This “Guest Star” loaf is available for $6.25

Grab one as well as a plain Hearthstone Sourdough for the more standard sandwiches to enjoy for the week. Be sure to get your sourdough order in by Wednesday at 5 so we can start the long 3-day process.


The Usual Trio:
• Classic Sourdough ($5.50)
• 7-Grain panned ($5.95)
• Peasant White panned ($5.50)

Sorry, no bread slicing; they’re too fresh from the oven to pass through the slicer.
NOTE: Sourdough requests must come in before 5 PM Wednesday as this is the latest we can make the right amount of dough for everyone’s orders.

Ordering info for all items is detailed below.
Please note: Slicing of bread is not available as the loaves are too fresh to go through the machine.

Sweet Treats for the Chocolate Lovers:
And back for another round, we’re making a batch of fresh-baked, dense Fudge Brownies with chocolate chips just for you. Made from scratch with cocoa and real butter, these have been a huge hit since the new version came out in March. Try one and see why!
$3.90 each.

Sweet Treats for the Chocolate Lovers:
And back for another round, we’re making our mouth-watering super-chocolaty dense Fudge Brownies with chocolate chips. Made from scratch with cocoa and real butter, these have been a huge hit since the new version came out in March.


We are stocked up once again on the very popular Beef & Pork sausage rolls! Order theses or the Turkey & Chicken or Curry Veg rolls or a mix of any today!
They are available in packs of 6 for just $22.


We have cupcakes! Your choice of vanilla or chocolate with a buttercream icing.
$3.00 each
And we have a mini carrot cake with a genuine cream cheese icing waiting for you, for just $3.90

Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons: $2.10 each
A bit more rustic than French Macarons, these tasty treats are made without flour.

Nanaimo Bars $4.20 ea.
Your Classic Nanaimo bar! Or the Peanut Butter variety! Yum!!

Lemon Bars: $4.20 ea.
Delicious, tart lemon curd, drizzled with white chocolate on a blonde cookie base.

Cinnamon Buns: $2.50 SOLD OUT
Our “smaller” size cinnamon buns are topped with delicious Cream Cheese icing.
(And by smaller, we just mean not “giant” like the regular ones are!)


To Pre-Order:

Email to 
(please don’t order through Facebook, it won’t be seen)
Subject line: “PickUp [date here]”
<< Note format is “PickUp” + Date. This is important.

(Copy, paste and edit the following into the email so you are sure to have all the info needed)
Phone Number:
Date for pickup: Saturday, [month, day]

Bread requested:
2 loaves of A bread
2 loaves of B bread

Bread Club member? Y/N

That’s it!
Get this is to us by Wednesday at 5 p.m. if the order includes Sourdough; if it does not, then by Thursday at 5 p.m.. Your order will be made especially for you, set aside and be ready for pickup on Saturday during shop open hours, whenever it suits you.

Note: If you are ordering Sourdough bread, please order your loaves
by 5 pm Wednesday as these items take longer to produce.
ALL other items: Please order by 5 pm Thursday.

As we receive these orders, we will assign a pickup time – from 12 noon as orders come in – and will email this info to you as soon as we process the emailed order.

If you have not received your pickup time by Friday morning:
1) Please check your spam folder – it seems “missing” replies have often gone there.
2) Not in the spam folder? Shoot us an email so we can give you that info.
3) Add “” to your whitelist or contacts list as approved senders.

Be sure to come back every Tuesday afternoon to check out the line-up of baked goods for the following weekend as these can and will change over time.