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Pickup Orders for Sat., May 16th

New Bread and New Treats!

Heading towards the 3rd month of this COVID “thang”, we thought we’d pull out a couple of popular items from way back in the “good ol’ days” when things were normal.

(Ordering info is at the bottom.)

This week, we’re adding Challah to the list of bread available.
This tender, egg-based classic bread is woven into a pretty braid and makes a nice dinner addition. And after two months of this COVID issue, who doesn’t need a soft, tasty and fancy lookin’ loaf of bread with dinner?
Leftovers make great french toast (recipe) topped with fresh fruit for breakfast!

Orders need to be in by Thursday 5 p.m.
Challah, per loaf: $6.25.
Please specify if you would like it WITH sesame seed.; the default is without.

The Regular Bread Lineup

As usual, we are baking our top 3 loaves:
Classic Sourdough: $5.50
7-Grain panned loaf: $5.95
Peasant White panned loaf: $5.50
Sourdough loaves need to be ordered by Wednesday at 5.
The others can be ordered by Thursday at 5.

The Pastries

This week’s lineup includes:
Sausage Rolls, 6 pk $22:
Beef & Pork SOLD OUT
– Turkey & Chicken (lots)
– Curry Veg (lots)
Mix & Match what you would like in your box of 6.

Up for grabs this week: COOKIES!
A few of our popular varieties are going to be available this week:
– Peanut Butter (lots)
– Chocolate Chunk (3 x 6-packs left)
– Oatmeal Raisin (lots)
These come in packs of 6 for $7.15

– Vanilla $3
– Chocolate $3
– Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese icing $3.90

Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons: $2.10 each
A bit more rustic than French Macarons, these tasty treats are made without flour.

Nanaimo Bars $4.20 ea.
Your choice of Classic (lots) or Peanut Butter Crunch (4 left)

Date Squares: $3.95 (5 left)
Hearty, sweet and a touch of orange to lighten it up, these are filling snacks. And oh so good!

Cinnamon Buns: $2.50 (8 left)
Our “smaller” size cinnamon buns are topped with Cream Cheese icing.
(And by smaller, we just mean not “giant” like the regular ones are!)

Lemon Bars: $4.20 ea.
Delicious, tart lemon curd, drizzled with white chocolate on a blonde cookie base.

Fudge Brownies:
These are dense, moist, chocolaty treats (nut-free) with a crackly top like Grandma used to make. They can be ordered in singles and are $3.90 ea.


IMPORTANT: Please note the NEW email!

Email to 
(please don’t order through Facebook, it won’t be seen)
Subject line: “PickUp May 16”
<< Note format is “PickUp” + Date. This is important.
Make sure to include your full name & phone number
Add quantity and types of products desired
• Indicate if you’re in the BreadClub (if you are ordering bread) so we can check for your free loaves.
Add pastries desired & quantities

Note: If you are ordering Sourdough bread, please order your loaves
by 5 pm Wednesday as these items take longer to produce.
ALL other items: Please order by 5 pm Thursday.

As we receive these orders, we will assign a pickup time – from 12 noon as orders come in – and will email this info to you as soon as we process the emailed order.

If you have not received your pickup time by Friday morning:
1) Please check your spam folder – it seems “missing” replies have often gone there.
2) Not in the spam folder? Shoot us an email so we can give you that info.
3) Add “” to your whitelist or contacts list as approved senders.

Be sure to come back every Tuesday afternoon to check out the line-up of baked goods for the following weekend as these can and will change over time.