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Special Orders fo May 9th

It’s (almost) Mother’s day!

And to celebrate Mom and all that she does, we’re adding a couple of special treats this week:

Macarons and Fudge Brownies

First, Macarons. These are almond-based cookies with light airy shells and our special ones this weekend will come in Earl Grey Tea, Chocolate Ganache or Lemon Curd.
These can be mixed and matched in a pack of 6 for $15.70

The Fudge Brownies are dense chocolaty treats (nut-free) with a crackly top like Grandma used to make. They can be ordered in singles and are $3.90 ea.

Ordering: These two special items will be made to order but we must receive this by 5 p.m. Wednesday to get enough time to have then made for Saturday pickup.
See the ordering instructions below.


As usual, we are baking our top 3 loaves:
Classic Sourdough: $5.50
7-Grain panned loaf: $5.95
Peasant White panned loaf: $5.50
Sourdough loaves need to be ordered by Wednesday at 5.
The others can be ordered by Thursday at 5.


This week’s lineup includes:
Sausage Rolls, 6 pk $22:
– Beef & Pork (only 12 left)
– Turkey & Chicken (18 left)
– Curry Veg (lots)
Mix & Match what you would like in your box of 6.

– Vanilla $3
– Chocolate $3
– Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese icing $3.90

Cinnamon Buns: $2.50 (16 left)
Our “smaller” size cinnamon buns are topped with Cream Cheese icing.
(And by smaller, we just mean not “giant” like the regular ones are!)

Lemon Bars: $4.20 ea.
Delicious, tart lemon curd, drizzled with white chocolate on a blonde cookie base.

Granola: $8.45 for 454g (1 pound)
Our delicious mix of Oats, Pumpkin and Sunflower seed, Raisins, Cranberries and Apricots, all baked with honey, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Delicious as a breakfast cereal or a healthy snack with a bit of yogurt.


IMPORTANT: Please note the NEW email!

Email to 
(please don’t order through Facebook, it won’t be seen)
Subject line: “PickUp May 9”
<< Note format is “PickUp” + Date. This is important.
Make sure to include your full name & phone number
Add quantity and types of products desired
• Indicate if you’re in the BreadClub so we can check for your free loaves.

Add pastries desired & quantity

Note: If you are ordering Sourdough bread, Macarons or Fudge Brownies, please order your loaves by 5 pm Wednesday as these items take longer to produce.
ALL other items: Please order by 5 pm Thursday night.

As we receive these orders, we will assign a pickup time and email this to you. If you have not received yours by Friday morning, shoot us an email so we can give you that info.

Limited stock: Some of the items we have are limited to what was made right before the COVID-19 issue made its appearance. We have since then run on a skeleton crew and simply making use of the stocks we have on hand. Should you order an item that is already “sold out”, we will let you know right away and give you a list of the latest numbers on similar items. You can then update your order as you see fit.

Be sure to come back every Tuesday afternoon to check out the line-up of baked goods for the following weekend as these can and will change over time.