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Special Orders for Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Look at that, it’s already May! My how time flies when you’re, well, mainly staying inside for the bulk of us.

It’s been a bit weird for the last month and a half, but we need to remember there’s a good goal at the end: reduce the likelihood of spreading or getting the COVID-19 virus to our families and friends and to people in our communities.

So let’s all brave it out and persevere. We just have to stay inside (for the most part) and keep that 2-meter distance between you and others when you’re out and about getting your necessities.

Saturday, May 2nd

The Usual Trio:
• Classic Hearthstone Sourdough ($5.50)
• 7-Grain panned loaf ($5.95)
• Peasant White panned loaf ($5.50)

All bread made to order from scratch.
Sorry, no bread slicing; the loaves are too fresh from the oven to pass through the slicer.
NOTE: Sourdough requests must come in before 5 PM Wednesday as this is the latest we can make the right amount of dough for everyone’s orders.

Peasant or 7-Grain bread can be ordered by Thursday at 5 pm


Sausage rolls: the usual here too:
• Beef & Pork, (about 16 remaining)
• Turkey & Chicken (24 remaining)
• Curry Vegetable (about 38 remaining)
Sold in packs of 6 for $22 – any mix of those flavours you’d like.


Craving something sweet this week? Might we suggest…
• Date Squares $3.95
• Nanaimo Bars: Classic (lots) or Peanut Butter Crunch (19 left) $4.20
Cinnamon Twists: $3.95 SOLD OUT
• Lemon Bars: $4.20
• Carrot Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese icing: $3.90
• Cupcakes: Vanilla (lots) or Chocolate (10 left) $3.00
• Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons (lots) $2.10


IMPORTANT: Please note the NEW email is specifically for “SpecialOrders”

Email to 
(please don’t order through Facebook, it won’t be seen)
Subject line: “PickUp Apr 25”
<< Note format is “PickUp” + Date. This is important.
Make sure to include your name & phone number
Add quantity and types of loaves desired
• Indicate if you’re in the BreadClub so we can check for your free loaves.

Add pastries desired & Quantity

Note: If you are ordering Sourdough bread, please order your loaves
 by 5 pm Wednesday as this bread needs a full 3 days to make.
ALL other items: Please order by 5 pm Thursday night.
If ordering both Sourdough and other items, please mention that you already have a bread order and are adding to it.
As we receive these orders, we will assign a pickup time and email this to you. If you have not received yours by Friday morning, shoot us an email so we can give you that info.

Limited stock: Some of the items we have are limited to what was made right before the COVID-19 issue made it’s appearance. We have since then run on a skeleton crew and simply making use of the stocks we have in hand. Should you order an item that is already “sold out”, we will let you know right away and give you a list of the latest numbers on similar items. You can then update your order as you see fit.

Be sure to come back every Tuesday to check out the line-up of baked goods for the following weekend as these can and will change over time.