“Special Orders” gets a new direction

We will be open this week from Thursday to Saturday, June 18 to 20th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..

As we continue to move towards a fuller week, we are trimming back the need to request a Special Order to only requests for the larger bread orders.

We are now open to regular walk-in purchasing so we are preparing a wider range of pastries and other treats on a daily basis. This removes the need to pre-order cupcakes or lemon bars, etc. and reduces the advance work required to prep all these requests. It also greatly expands available treats for you when you do come in.

That leaves us with only bread pre-orders to attend to and specifically, larger bread orders that would clear out the normal number of loaves rather quickly.

To that end, we will continue to use the Special Orders set up but limit this simply to those who require larger quantities of bread. Anyone who wished to grab a loaf or two of any of the regular loaves can pop in during the weekdays and pick up what they’d like that day.

Those who require quantities of 3+ loaves can pre-order to make sure we have their loaves on hand when they come in for pick-up on Saturday. Then it’s a simple matter of telling the cashier that you have a bread order waiting and, unless you happen to also want to grab a Nanaimo Bar, Fudge Brownie or other pastry, you can be in and out quickly and enjoy the remainder of your day.

For the foreseeable future, we will continue to accept debit or credit card payments, including Tap option. Aside from actual cards, we also accept Apple Pay and other electronic payment methods, including pre-payment by INTERAC e-Transfer for larger orders; contact SpecialOrders@HearthstoneBakery.ca and ask for details.
We do not take cash payments.

As has been the case previously, Sourdough bread should be ordered by
5 PM Wednesdays so that we can have the correct amount of starter going in time for Saturday’s bake.
All other bread (7-grain, Peasant White, Cheese or Cheese/Jalapeno, etc.) can be ordered up to 5 PM on Thursday.
Please be sure to check this page for an up-to-date list of what loaves are available for pick-up on that Saturday.

Pickups can then be at any time you wish on Saturday between 11 am and 4 pm. as there are no time slots required.

Again, this is for larger orders of 3+ loaves that would otherwise use up the “normal” amount of loaves we would bake for typical walk-in customers.

For Sat June 20th, the loaves available for large orders are:
• Hearthstone Sourdough
• 7-Grain whole grain
• Peasant White
• Cheddar
• Cheddar with Jalapeño

Are there loaves you’d like us to add to this pre-order list? Let us know when you come in! If enough interest is indicated, we may well add it.

To Pre-Order:

Email to SpecialOrders@HearthstoneBakery.ca 
(please don’t order through Facebook, it won’t be seen)
Subject line: “PickUp [date here]”
<< Note format is “PickUp” + Date. This is important.

(Copy, paste and edit the following into the email so you are sure to have all the info needed)
Phone Number:
Date for pickup: Saturday, [month, day]

Bread requested:
2 loaves of A bread
2 loaves of B bread

Bread Club member? Y/N

That’s it!
Get this is to us by Wednesday at 5 p.m. if the order includes Sourdough; if it does not, then by Thursday at 5 p.m.. Your order will be made especially for you, set aside and be ready for pickup on Saturday during shop open hours, whenever it suits you.

Finally (for now!)
We’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting us (and getting tasty items) over the last couple of months, you’ve shown us that you like what we make and your support has been invaluable. You’ve made us even more proud of the items we produce and glad to be part of this community.

So again, thank you!!

Hearthstone and COVID-19: Chapter Two

We are adding current stock of Laminated and Yeasted products to this week’s line-up.

Orders for Saturday April 11th are now closed.

As the COVID-19 situation is looking to be an ongoing issue, we are remaining essentially “Closed” except for special orders.

Since we’ve had a successful run with freshly made bread for three weekends, we are going to add our existing stock of pastries to the list. The number and choices are limited to what we have ready to bake off so it will be on a “first come, first served” system.

What will be available?

We will have the following baked treats ready to pick up by those who pre-order before THURSDAY April 9th. Note: All goods listed below come in a 2-piece pack, so you can share. (Or not 😉)

Croissants: 8 packs @ $7 .00
Fruit Danishes: 1 Packs (Mixed Berry & Pastry cream) @ $8.40
Cinnamon Twists: 5 Packs @ $7.90
Cinnamon Buns, (Plain, smaller size): 8 Packs @ $5.00

Ham and Cheese Croissant: 0 packs @ $8.70 SOLD OUT
Pain au Chocolat: 0 Packs @ $8.40 SOLD OUT
Cinnamon Buns (Plain, standard size): 0 Packs @ 7.50 SOLD OUT

But I need sausage roll!

We hear you! We will make them available for the foreseeable future or until we run out. That won’t happen for quite a while.

Your sausage roll choices are: Beef & Pork, Turkey & Chicken, Mild Curry.
These will be available in 6-packs; mixed as you wish (i.e. 2 beef, 2 turkey & 2 curry rolls). Each pack is $22 for 6 rolls.
Note that these freeze very well and can be heated from frozen with 3 minutes in the microwave (per roll) for a tasty lunch or snack.

How do I order?

First: Be sure we get that PASTRY order before Thursday April 9 at 5 pm!

Send an email (please no phone calls; we’re not there) to
Use the subject “Pastry PickUp”
• Add your desired pastries and quantities of 2-packs
• Add the number of 6-pack Sausage Rolls you’d and what flavours

• Your name
• Your phone number

As the quantities available diminish, we’ll let you know by confirmation email if there are still stock of your choices available. This email will also include your pre-scheduled pick-up time so everyone is able to come into the shop individually (Social Distancing!). This will be based on allowing three customers per 15-minute blocks.

But What About Bread?

The cut off for this weekend’s bread is passed but you can send in your order for NEXT week, April 18th.
If you want both bread and pastries, you can submit these together but must have it in by Wednesday at 5 pm, as bread takes longer to prepare and is made from scratch. Ordering is basically the same as before:

Be sure we receive your BREAD request before
Wednesday April 15 at 5 pm.

Email to Bakers@HearthstoneBakery.ca
Subject line: “Bread PickUp”
Add name & phone number
Add number and types of loaves desired:
• Hearthstone Sourdough $5.50 ea.
• 7-Grain panned $5.95 ea.
• Peasant White $5.50 ea.
Indicate if you’re in the BreadClub

Your confirmation will be emailed back including your pick-up time.

Be sure to check the blog again for any updates

All Pick-ups begin from 12 noon and go until the last scheduled pick-up time.
These time slots are based on the order that the requests came in.

We’ll see you there Saturday!