Hearthstone and COVID-19: Chapter Two

We are adding current stock of Laminated and Yeasted products to this week’s line-up.

Orders for Saturday April 11th are now closed.

As the COVID-19 situation is looking to be an ongoing issue, we are remaining essentially “Closed” except for special orders.

Since we’ve had a successful run with freshly made bread for three weekends, we are going to add our existing stock of pastries to the list. The number and choices are limited to what we have ready to bake off so it will be on a “first come, first served” system.

What will be available?

We will have the following baked treats ready to pick up by those who pre-order before THURSDAY April 9th. Note: All goods listed below come in a 2-piece pack, so you can share. (Or not 😉)

Croissants: 8 packs @ $7 .00
Fruit Danishes: 1 Packs (Mixed Berry & Pastry cream) @ $8.40
Cinnamon Twists: 5 Packs @ $7.90
Cinnamon Buns, (Plain, smaller size): 8 Packs @ $5.00

Ham and Cheese Croissant: 0 packs @ $8.70 SOLD OUT
Pain au Chocolat: 0 Packs @ $8.40 SOLD OUT
Cinnamon Buns (Plain, standard size): 0 Packs @ 7.50 SOLD OUT

But I need sausage roll!

We hear you! We will make them available for the foreseeable future or until we run out. That won’t happen for quite a while.

Your sausage roll choices are: Beef & Pork, Turkey & Chicken, Mild Curry.
These will be available in 6-packs; mixed as you wish (i.e. 2 beef, 2 turkey & 2 curry rolls). Each pack is $22 for 6 rolls.
Note that these freeze very well and can be heated from frozen with 3 minutes in the microwave (per roll) for a tasty lunch or snack.

How do I order?

First: Be sure we get that PASTRY order before Thursday April 9 at 5 pm!

Send an email (please no phone calls; we’re not there) to
Use the subject “Pastry PickUp”
• Add your desired pastries and quantities of 2-packs
• Add the number of 6-pack Sausage Rolls you’d and what flavours

• Your name
• Your phone number

As the quantities available diminish, we’ll let you know by confirmation email if there are still stock of your choices available. This email will also include your pre-scheduled pick-up time so everyone is able to come into the shop individually (Social Distancing!). This will be based on allowing three customers per 15-minute blocks.

But What About Bread?

The cut off for this weekend’s bread is passed but you can send in your order for NEXT week, April 18th.
If you want both bread and pastries, you can submit these together but must have it in by Wednesday at 5 pm, as bread takes longer to prepare and is made from scratch. Ordering is basically the same as before:

Be sure we receive your BREAD request before
Wednesday April 15 at 5 pm.

Email to Bakers@HearthstoneBakery.ca
Subject line: “Bread PickUp”
Add name & phone number
Add number and types of loaves desired:
• Hearthstone Sourdough $5.50 ea.
• 7-Grain panned $5.95 ea.
• Peasant White $5.50 ea.
Indicate if you’re in the BreadClub

Your confirmation will be emailed back including your pick-up time.

Be sure to check the blog again for any updates

All Pick-ups begin from 12 noon and go until the last scheduled pick-up time.
These time slots are based on the order that the requests came in.

We’ll see you there Saturday!

Hearthstone and COVID-19

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island in general, Hearthstone Artisan bakery will be closed temporarily, until we understand that it is safe to open our doors again for regular, daily sales.

This is a precautionary step to keep both staff and customers safe while the Coronavirus outbreak is still a major issue and the general view to combatting the spread of COVID-19 is to minimize exposure through self-quarantine.

We know, however, that people will still need to eat during this period. To help those who cannot stock a month’s worth of supplies in their homes, fresh goods are still required.

To help out with this, we are offering a Saturday Pick-Up for pre-orders of our top three types of bread:

Hearthstone Sourdough,
7-Grain panned loaf and
Peasant White panned loaf.
Quantities and mix thereof are up to you.

How this will work:

Email your order to Bakers@HearthstoneBakery.ca
Using the subject line “Bread Pick-up”, send us:
• Your name
• Your phone number
•Your selection and desired quantity of loaves

Mention if you are on the Bread Club list.

We will need to receive your request before 5 PM on Wednesdays as it does take three days to make the dough (two of the loaves use sourdough starters and need the extra time).

We will confirm receipt of your order by return email. This is only to let you know we have received the request.

After Wednesday at 5 pm, once we’ve confirmed that there are enough orders to warrant our baker’s time, we will then email you a specific time your order can be picked up.
Note: this point has been reached much earlier each week, so you may receive your pick up time even sooner!

We will then be open the following Saturday from 12 noon when you can come to the shop and pick up your order. We will have three customers scheduled per 15-minute blocks as the process is very quick, entailing getting your pre-bagged bread and making your card payment. It should be less than 5 minutes, tops.

Pick-up times are set simply by the time the original order came into the shop. The first three orders for the week get a 12:00 – 12:15 pick-up slot, the next three orders get a 12:15 – 12:30 slot, etc., until all orders are picked up. You can also place an order for the following week in person at that time.

We will only be taking payments in the form of Debit or Credit card – no cash money – and, if possible, using a tap card to reduce potential contact as much as possible.

Please only have ONE person come into the shop and wait until anyone being served has left before coming in to pick up your order (Social Distancing process). Your bread will already be bagged and ready for pick up ahead of time.

NOTE: We won’t be able to slice the bread as they will be made much too close to pick up and still be too soft to run through the slicer.

Only the three noted types of loaves will be available, to limit the time the baker needs to be at the shop. We also have dry goods such as a few sugar cookies and bags of granola available (while supplies last) that you can add to your order when you are here.

We will carry on with the Pre-orders until the COVID-19 situation improves enough for the governing health authorities to suggest we can end our quarantine.

We look forward to seeing this current situation declared over but in the meantime, we still want to make sure those who prefer a good, hand-crafted loaf of bread to have access to our products, even if the selection is greatly reduced.

PLEASE bookmark and keep checking this space regularly for the latest updates on how Hearthstone is handling issues during the COVID-19 situation.

The bakery staff and I truly thank you for your patronage and support over the last few years. We trust and hope everyone stays safe and well over the next while.

Be careful out there! We want to see you again when the crisis is over! #FlattenTheCurve

Hearthstone Artisan Bakery

Owner, baker and Nanaimo resident.

Holiday Hours 2019

Here we are at the end of 2019 and it’s Holiday Season.

I’d first like to thank you, our superb customers, who make what we do worthwhile with your patronage and consistent positive reviews. It makes us proud of the products we made every day, always from scratch. This venture wouldn’t be possible without your support and seeing your happy faces when you come back to the shop.

I’d also like to give a huge thanks to all the amazing staff we have here in the bakery who put their skills and imagination into our pastries, cakes and bread each and every day. I can’t begin to say how proud I am of these great people.

OK, now on to the Holiday Schedule:

Tuesday Dec 24: We’re open until 4 pm
Wednesday, Christmas Day & Thursday Boxing day: CLOSED
Fri & Sat, Dec 27 & 28: Open 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday Dec 29: CLOSED
Monday Dec 30: Open 8 am to 5 pm
Tuesday Dec 31: Open 8 am to 4 pm
Wed & Thu Jan 1 & 2: CLOSED
Jan 3 and onwards, we’re back on our regular schedule.

Have a GREAT Holiday everyone!

Bakery owner.

Kris Kringle Market + Giveaways

It’s NOT Christmas until it’s KRINGLE, and this year at Hearthstone Artisan Bakery, we are very excited to participate in this Nanaimo tradition by donating our delicious gingerbread people for the kids to decorate (limited to 12 and under).

Due to this we were given the opportunity to give away 5 pairs of tickets to this family-friendly, fun-packed event. Our first contest came to a close last Thursday, October 31st, as the random draw picked our winner Tracy Cooper.

Our second and third giveaways will be drawn this Thursday, November 7th – an in-store ballot box, and Saturday, November 9th – through our facebook post where you can comment for a chance to win.

We will have two more similar giveaways the following week with the draws for said contests taking place on Thursday, November 14th, and the final one on Saturday, November 16th.

If you’d like a chance to win one of the pairs of tickets, make sure to follow our bakery on Instagram, Facebook, or visit us in-store, to keep up to date on all the contests.


A Little Heat As We Get Cooler

It’s coming up to fall and the weather here in Nanaimo is already starting to chill down.

With that in mind, perhaps this is a good time to heat yourself up with our newest offering, the Spicy Chorizo sausage roll! Deliciously herbed & spiced, this latest addition to our customers’ favourite sausage roll family has a bit of a kick. Be forewarned, this isn’t entirely a mildly spicy treat, it does have some heat. At the same time, it’s not a death-defying beast, either.

After some testing, we’ve found the perfect level of heat to have it bite back a little without disappointing those of us who appreciate spicy. It’s just enough to tell you “Yep, there’s a kick here” without causing alarm bells to fire off.

But aside from the heat levels, it’s still a Hearthstone sausage roll, so the emphasis is decidedly on flavour as well. Wrapped in a buttery and crispy golden brown puff dough, it’s everything people who feel we make the best sausage rolls in town will be very happy with.

Up for a bit of a warm up while the weather outside heads towards “frightful”?  This is a snack you’ll probably want to try out at least once.

Have a bite of something that’ll bite you back a bit! Super tasty with a nice kick and available every day. And if spicy isn’t you cup o’ tea, we still offer the Chicken & Turkey, Beef & Pork and the (mild) Curry Veggie rolls – be sure to get a mango chutney dip for that last one!

Something for everyone here!

July 1st Long Weekend

It’s CANADA DAY 2018!!!

This year Canada Day falls on Sunday July 1 followed by a Stat Holiday on Monday July 2.

Hearthstone Artisan Bakery be closed on both Sunday July 1 and Monday July 2 so that our dedicated bakery staff can get at least 2 days off during this “long weekend”.

We’ll have Canada Day themed desert treats throughout the week prior and we’ll be taking orders for burger and hot dog buns for pick up Friday or Saturday.  Although we’ll try and have plenty of both available without pre-order, you can guaranty your own bundle o’ buns will be available if you order at least by end of Wednesday, June 27th. Drop into the shop or call during our open hours (8 am. to 6 pm Monday – Saturday, 250-591-9944) to put in your order.

Our hand-crafted Hot Dog & Burger buns come in packs of 6 for just $4.45. Please specify if you’d like them topped with or without sesame seed – default is with – and whether you’ll pick them up Friday or Saturday; they’ll be made from scratch just for you earlier that morning.

We hope that, however you end up celebrating Canada Day, everyone has a tasty, safe and memorable holiday weekend!

🎶 Happy Birthday to us! 🎵

Mid-Month Treats

Our bakers have a couple of tasty French Macarons lined up for you this time:

Ice cream flavour macarons! First, a refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip along with tasty Cookies ‘n Cream! Be sure to come by the shop and pick up yours before they’re all gone!

And coming shortly, we’ll be rounding up the ice cream theme with Neapolitan macarons!
Watch for an update here, on our Instagram feed or Facebook for that announcement.

Latest Bread Schedule

Bread Schedule

Here is our latest (May 16th, 2018) line up of handmade breads you’ll find at Hearthstone. Click the image for a larger size view.

New on this list: our 100% Rye Seeded Loaf, available Thursdays and Fridays.

100% rye
100 Rye with seeds