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A Little Heat As We Get Cooler

It’s coming up to fall and the weather here in Nanaimo is already starting to chill down.

With that in mind, perhaps this is a good time to heat yourself up with our newest offering, the Spicy Chorizo sausage roll! Deliciously herbed & spiced, this latest addition to our customers’ favourite sausage roll family has a bit of a kick. Be forewarned, this isn’t entirely a mildly spicy treat, it does have some heat. At the same time, it’s not a death-defying beast, either.

After some testing, we’ve found the perfect level of heat to have it bite back a little without disappointing those of us who appreciate spicy. It’s just enough to tell you “Yep, there’s a kick here” without causing alarm bells to fire off.

But aside from the heat levels, it’s still a Hearthstone sausage roll, so the emphasis is decidedly on flavour as well. Wrapped in a buttery and crispy golden brown puff dough, it’s everything people who feel we make the best sausage rolls in town will be very happy with.

Up for a bit of a warm up while the weather outside heads towards “frightful”?  This is a snack you’ll probably want to try out at least once.

Have a bite of something that’ll bite you back a bit! Super tasty with a nice kick and available every day. And if spicy isn’t you cup o’ tea, we still offer the Chicken & Turkey, Beef & Pork and the (mild) Curry Veggie rolls – be sure to get a mango chutney dip for that last one!

Something for everyone here!