Latest Bread Schedule

Bread Schedule

Here is our latest (May 16th, 2018) line up of handmade breads you’ll find at Hearthstone. Click the image for a larger size view.

New on this list: our 100% Rye Seeded Loaf, available Thursdays and Fridays.

100% rye
100 Rye with seeds

2018 Best of the City

The 2018 Best of the City Readers’ Choice Awards are here!

UPDATE: This Award Nomination process is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

First thing we need to point out is that the deadline for submissions for this is
VERY VERY CLOSE!  The final date to submit your favourite location is
11 p.m. Sunday, May 13th 2018. So you’ll want to jump on that pretty fast!

In order to get in, here’s the link to the registration and voting page.

And here are the multiple categories that you can vote for “Hearthstone Artisan Bakery”:

Under “Shops and Services”:

Best Customer Service

And under “Food”, all of these:

Best Cinnamon Buns
Best Desserts
Best Bakery
Best Place to get a Nanaimo Bar

We want to thank everyone for their votes on our behalf last year and getting us to “Best Deserts for 2017” status. We hope you’ll support us again this year and let the world – or at least the fine folk in Nanaimo – know that we’re your bakery of choice once more!

Our First BakersNews Post!

Hey there Bakery Fans! You’ve just found the very first post in our new Bakers’ News section! This will be where we will place announcements, updates and specials as they happen in and about the Hearthstone Artisan Bakery.

We’re just getting this News area settled in and working out any small glitches so there’s not quite a specific reason to write.

So in order to make this somewhat useful, let’s talk about the 2018 Best in the City Readers’ Choice Awards….

on the next page!